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Saturday, 8 October 2011

i really hate SMOKERS !!


whether it hard core smokers,,chain smokers,,passive smokers..or wuteva...i really hate them!
don't hurt of what i'm saying...but truly,,smokers are really annoying..the smoke n the smell makes me gonna be The Hulk...
did you know that 400 000 deaths each year are caused directly by cigarette smoking?

this symbolize the lungs of smokers...
so,,next time you smoke a ciggy, think about how your lungs might just appear in no time..!!

i always think that smokers are the person who wanna die early...
they don't afraid of the very harmful effects of smoking..
the diseases due to smoking..such as cancer,,asthma,,pneumonia,,emphysema,,etc
do they really want these diseases??really obsessed to get these diseases??fanatics??
i don't have any idea of what smokers think..
maybe they smoking because it's habits...n also maybe because they become addictive to the nicotine...
n also,,,,,
some people think smoking make them feel "grown up"...haha..it's ridiculous...funny
n some people think smoking is luxury..maybe smoking will be the tactics to tackle a girl...
for me,,i'm not gonna choose smokers as a spouse...it might harm my life n also my children's life..

think of them!!

to all smokers out there,,,if u wanna smoke a ciggy,,
please go to the forest,,which no human there..
then you can smoke thousands of ciggy per day..(that's what you want...right?)
so you don't make people surrounding you as a second-hand smoker..
did you know that 87% of all lung cancer cases are due to second-hand smoking?
if u wanna die early,,,,don't kill other people...
go on...i don't care..

err,,i think it's gone too far... i give a harsh statement...is it?
sorry..forgive me..but i almost fade up to smokers...
sometimes i'm really sad...maybe smokers don't know the effects of smoking..
err..but it's impossible,,because gov. had put the warning images on cigarette packaging..

i know that every living things in this World will die one day...
but do you want smoking be the causes of your death??
n also you want your family die because of your smoking habits?
it's just sad if you don't think about that...

i also know that it's really2 hard to stop smoking...
but you must try..do your best..think of someone you love..
there's a lot of things you can do to stop that habits..just google it..
ask some advise from the experts..
i know you can..
pray to God...He will help you as you really2 want to..
i believe that...and
the most important things...you BELIEVE that you can stop..

say NO !!

please help smokers!! i really meant it..
someone will die from smoking by the time you finish reading my entry..!!